sábado, 27 de octubre de 2012

Resumen del libro "The evil painting"

One day Philip and Claire's mother  arrives home one day with a new painting. This is the portrait of a horrible man. Her children and her husband doesn´t like it but she loves it. At night,Claire dreams about the painting. The character out of the picture and goes to her. she woke up because he felt a noise from the room. When I saw that she was talking to thepicture. He went to wake his brother to tell him. his brother not believe it but when he go to the living room he saw it. they decided to break the picture and throw it in the trash,and they do it. When they go to their bedrooms they saw in  the living room the painting was  there. Into the kitchen was a newspaper. When Claire reads it there was an article about a hypnotist who had painted his portrait _ _ _ A woman robed it and killed 8 people. the hypnotist was in prison 30 year and died one year ago .Philip a knife and _broke it and throw it. the picture wasn´t in the living room. The next day their mother brougth a new picture. When they saw it they think was the same picture  thy go to the kitchen and in the newspaper is an article in which put :  ´´the hipnotiist browns´´. They decided trows the picture in the river . When  they  go home the picture wasn´t here.The next day their mother brougth a picture at home when they saw it they think is a  landscape.

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  1. más que el rincón del vago es el rincón del inútil. Yo lo he mirado por curiosidad, pero para los jóvenes que están empezando es un engaño. Mal inglés, mala redacción, mala comprensión del texto. Haced algo o dedicaos a otra cosa.